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Trusted Manufacturer of Custom/ Decorative & Logo Lighting

Stone Mather Designs excels at creating and recreating custom decorative theme lighting and company logos for banks, restaurants, hotels, casinos, office buildings; as well as residential housing developments across the country since 1992. We are UL/CUL listed for wet, damp, dry incandescent, fluorescent and LED retrofit lighting applications.


Residential / Hospitality Lighting

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Custom lighting can add a unique flair to any space. With residential and hospitality lighting options from Stone Mather Designs, you can get a piece of lighting that will instantly personalize the room and or hallway in which it is placed. Whether you already have an existing theme which you want to accentuate, or if you want a starting piece to base your room on, Stone Mather is your best choice for custom lighting. With the many available styles and finishes, you will be certain to find exactly what suits your accent lighting taste and or regional lighting needs.

Commercial Lighting

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When you start a business, you want every detail to be exactly how you want it. If your lighting does not reflect your business, Stone Mather Design offers a full range of commercial lighting products which can be custom-made to match your company. Whether you want to reflect the theme of a restaurant, add a touch of class to your office space, or better emphasize your corporate logo, we have a multitude of choices available. With Stone Mather, you can ensure you business has the best in lighting accent and design.


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Custom Logo Lighting

When you design your logo, you want to make sure it is seen by as many people as possible. The more visible your logo, the more it will become engrained on your client base and associated with your product. With custom logo lighting from Stone Mather Designs, you can ensure that your logo is visible every time your lights are on. Additionally, with our countless customization options, you can have your logo produced, color matched and sized to your companies specifications.

We are proud to have produced numerous lighting projects for many local New Mexico businesses and national franchises. Please do not hesitate to browse our portfolio and slideshow to the right to see Stone Mather Designs’ logo capabilities!