This section is intended to serve the specifier and project designer by offering our unique capabilities to design and manufacture light fixtures specifically based on individual requirements. Based on your input, we can develop special fixtures to your shape, size, color and illumination needs.


Custom Images, Logos, or Themes

Many cut images are shown to satisfy your customers needs. However, Stone Mather Designs encourages customers to consider the impact of special designs and cut images such as company logos and themes. Customers are encouraged to contact the SMD designers to discuss what images are desired and pricing. Many custom images can be incorporated into our standard fixture line for a nominal one-time set up charge. Computerized artwork in AutoCAD format (DXF or DWG) is used by Stone Mather Designs to cut intricate images in fixture bodies. Contact Stone Mather Designs to discuss how to get your images, photos, web designs and drawings incorporated into exciting new light fixtures.

Custom Size Fixtures

Stone Mather Designs can scale certain fixtures listed in this catalog larger or smaller to suit your individual needs. Please contact the SMD designers to discuss and provide a free quote on your project.

Custom Shapes

Many projects require light fixtures with that special look no one else has. Stone Mather Designs can design and fabricate specialty fixtures of various shapes for your project. If you have an idea in mind give us the details and dimensions via fax, email and our designers will be happy to quote the project for any quantity.

Custom Colors

Stone Mather Designs offers a variety of powder-coat finishes and specialty metals that can blend or contrast with your building, jobsite or home décor. Additionally, we can come close to approximating or matching any custom color or finish required or specified for your project.

Project Price Quotes

Stone Mather Designs will be happy to provide preliminary design and cost information on a no charge basis for any special project. The links to SPEC sheets are samples of designs we have quoted in the past and represent examples of proposed design presentations. Please contact us at any time for further information on our custom design processes.

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